How to use modern format of journal taking to give travel memento a new character? Travelogue is set to the goal of providing travellers a platform that provides them easily documenting their priceless moments when they are on the move. It started from a conceptual illustration of mobile application, went into the area of graphical user interface design, and ended with the basic understanding of web design.


The project was designed and developed into a light mobile web application to demonstrate how the adventures can be one kind of unique travel memento. It focused on effective post entry and clear trip record. Therefore, few touch events, allowing device to detect when pressing and holding or swiping are triggered on the screen, were used and tested as the technology opens a lot of great opportunities for this project.


Hermes FB was chosen as the typeface of the logotype to give a casual look to the application and to avoid it from looking too corporate and serious. For smaller text in the application, Lato was chosen to give good readability and was used for both titles and paragraphs in two different weights to differentiate the two.

The symbol of logo was created to represent travellers recording their experiences on the move. It was done by coming the familiar road strips found on roads, as well as the circular record button found on camcorders. It also worked as an application icon for mobile devices.


The colour scheme consists of black, grey, white and light blue accent colour. The blue was chosen to refer to skies and ocean, two common elements people would find when out travelling. The blacks are not 100% pitch-black, as this would counteract the friendly and casual look of the design. Instead it is brought to a bit of a brighter shade, looking softer on the screen. The same techniqe was used for white, to avoid the hard and cold felling of dazzling white show on screens.




Sarah Hellen