The project is established on two random words and my expedition in Berlin. ‘Bottle’ builds a connection to alcoholic beverages while ‘lion’ stands for the pride of the city and its citizens. A set of maps is created for someone who are eager to chase excitements, offering an extraordinary yet challengeable way to explore this smashing city. So, these irresponsible drinking maps are named after the German highway system as it is widely known for the availability of driving without limits, or, a 22-minute track made by their electronic music pioneer Kraftwerk can be another reason too.

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A combination of beer cap and big cat is designed for the logo, and the hexagon is borrowed from route marker of the motorway as a district sign. Public transportation are added for distance reference since the maps are not showing at a precisely defined scale. On another side, categorising the bars and their contact information in types allows user to effectively decide where they want their knockouts start at.



Not just for a quirky look, by printing the maps on 100gsm kraft papers, the target audience, travellers or challengers, are able to fold them into pocket size and carry without hassles.


The brandmark is engraved on wood into a beer mat, and grey board ones are sprayed through a stencil made by laser cut plexiglass. It seems that nothing is more suitable than those to be the souvenir.


The package is designed as a sickness bag since there always are people not being in good condition after couple of drinks, a ready prepared container in hand might ease some embarrassing situations. Ende aller Streckenverbote!


Not every photo was taken at the actual place. Photo credit of Tante Horst, Goldapfel, Tresor: upsplash